I did not set out to walk close to 40km

..it sort of just happened

Posted by Mike Eriksson on September 19, 2020 · 2 mins read

At the end of the day I covered close to 40km. That wasn’t really the plan when I set out - but it turned out that way in the end.

The plan was to do around 35 - 37 km, to try and see if I had it in me. That would be the longest ‘stage’ of one of the two trips I got my mind set on for next year. I guess I did have it in me.

These are the stats of the walk. Turned into a bit of a loop as you can see. The route, with stats

This path is used by quite a lot of bicycle commuters. If you look close up at this low-growing tree you’ll see some marks and colour transfer from a number of bicycle helmets. Haven’t spotted any skin transfers. Yet.

Walking next to the main railway line and then popping out through what looks like a tree tunnel in Steventon.

A watering hole for the cows.

Not sure if this farming implement is still in/of use…

The road leads on…

Finding what looks like a ruin is always a big bonus for me. I’ll never grow out of feeling excited by stuff like this. I didn’t spend much time exploring this, but I feel that I will have to return for some more looking around.

An unguarded railway crossing, apparently you should use the provided phone next to it if you are crossing with animals. Unguarded railway crossings - who knew they existed?

Walking next to some more fields.